We are a full service tax law firm

We provide tax planning and tax litigation services. Why should you care if you just need representation against CRA in a tax dispute, or you just need to structure a will or carry out a tax reorganization? It is important to you because we understand all aspects of income tax law. If we plan and implement a transaction we know what is involved in defending it before the Canada Revenue Agency. If we fight on your behalf with CRA we know the entire Income Tax Act and how to use it in your favour.

DAVID J. ROTFLEISCH is both a Tax Lawyer and a Chartered Professional Account (CPA)

Why is this important? We understand financial statements and the ledgers and entries that make up those financial statements. We review and understand tax returns. Often CRA audits are caused by faulty books and records. We have an in depth understanding of those accounting records. If you have a bad bookkeeper or accountant we can recognize this and advise you to replace them. If you have a good accountant we speak the same language and can discuss the issues in a technical way that both of us understand.

We deal with CRA everyday

We constantly fight with CRA on behalf of clients at all stages from audit to Notices of Objection to Tax Court Appeals. When our clients are right we do not take no for an answer and escalate the CRA challenge to team leaders and office directors and even to Ottawa in appropriate cases. You come to us so that we take on your problems and you can sleep at night.

We structure and implement Tax and Estate Plans

We have over 25 years of experience in tax planning for business and individuals and in will and estate planning. From a simple tax free section 85 rollover to a complex butterfly reorganization, we have done many over the years. Since we are also corporate lawyers we are able to implement your reorganizations in house so that you don’t have to involve multiple law firms.

We have fulfilled hundreds of VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURES

We are a pioneer in the field of voluntary disclosures. We have been filing voluntary disclosure applications since before they were publicized and well known. Our first article on tax amnesty appeared in the late 1990s. We are constantly filing applications for unreported income and undeclared offshore assets, and working with CRA on these cases, so we know the current CRA policies and changes as they occur.

We are recommended by Professional Accountants and Bookkeepers

Accountants and bookkeepers are in the trenches with their clients every day. They have the confidence to refer their clients to us. Their names are on our web site, and you can contact them for a reference.

What our clients are saying?


What other professionals are saying?

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