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Canadian Shopify Sellers: Get Ready for the Arrival of the Canada Revenue Agency

Introduction: As per the CRA's request, Shopify must identify all Canadian merchants and make their sales records available If Canadian e-commerce businesses have been utilizing […]
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The Israeli Tax Authority, Israel’s Falafel Industry and the Canada Revenue Agency’s Powers to Investigate Unreported Cash Sales: A Canadian Tax Lawyer’s Analysis

Introduction – The Israeli Government Conducts Wide-Reaching Audits of Falafel Vendors for Suspected Unreported Cash Sales The Israeli Tax Authority has begun raising red flags […]
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Malaysian and Canadian Tax Authorities Have Adopted Voluntary Disclosure Systems to Curb Tax Evasion & to Reintegrate Non-compliant Taxpayers Into the Tax System

Voluntary Disclosure Systems (VDS) have become viable tax compliance tools by tax authorities to curb evasion globally. The creation of allowances in tax and anti-money-laundering […]
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The Ontario Ministry of Finance's Voluntary Disclosures Program - A Canadian Tax Lawyer's Summary

Introduction – The Differences Between Federal and Provincial Tax Administration in Canada Under the Canadian tax law system, Canadian taxpayers are subject to income taxation […]
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Christen V CRA: Guidance From a Canadian Tax Lawyer on Procedural Fairness Regarding the Voluntary Disclosure Program

A taxpayer filed judicial review application after her voluntary disclosure application was rejected. Ms. Christen (the “Taxpayer") applied for judicial review of the Canada Revenue […]
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Voluntary Disclosure Program

Tax is present in almost everything, from the water we drink to the properties we work hard for to someday own. People have become so […]
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Voluntariness of a Voluntary-Disclosure Application 4053893 Canada Inc – A Canadian Tax Lawyer’s Guide

Introduction: Voluntary Disclosure Program The Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) is designed to encourage taxpayers to come forward and report incomplete, inaccurate or unreported information to the Canada […]
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A Canadian Tax Lawyer's Perspective on Provincial Sales Tax Voluntary Disclosure Programs

What is a Voluntary Disclosure Program for Taxes? Voluntary disclosure programs are government initiatives allowing taxpayers to voluntarily and proactively correct previous errors with their tax […]
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Pending VDP Application Won't Stop CRA Tax Reassessment

Pending VDP Application Won't Stop CRA Tax Reassessment

Introduction – The Canada Revenue Agency’s Power to Reassess Prince v MNR (2020 FCA 32) illustrates that the Canada Revenue Agency’s tax-reassessment powers come with […]
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Toronto Employment Agency Owner was Sentenced for Tax Fraud

Canada Revenue Agency is Directing Tax Audit Attention to Staffing Agencies – A Canadian Tax Lawyer’s Analysis

Toronto Employment Agency Owner was Sentenced for Tax Fraud On September 30, 2020, the Canada Revenue Agency (the “CRA”) announced that two Employment Agencies, Jane […]
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