Recognizing when you need the services of an attorney for Canadian tax amnesty support is important. You cannot afford to wait until it is too late. If you are already pending an investigation or other serious issues related to Canadian tax prosecution, you need to get support from our experienced Canadian tax amnesty lawyers immediately.

If tax prosecution is a possibility, gather your resources and set aside time to talk to a tax lawyer in Canada immediately.

What Are Tax Prosecutions?

There are many different types of tax prosecutions and tax litigation that could be lodged against you, such filing a false or misleading statement, failing to file your taxes or tax evasion. All of these situations are extremely overwhelming and difficult to defend yourself against. Some of the most common offenses that lead to criminal prosecution include attempting to evade compliance or payment of taxes or making deceptive or false statements in a tax return.

The Crown Prosecutor is responsible for convincing a judge beyond a reasonable doubt that not only did you commit and illegal act worthy of prosecution but that you intended to. This is one of the biggest challenges in pursuing cases against you.

Bear in mind that the CRA can seize records located at your accountant's office, your work office or your home office to support in their case. If you are already being pursued for any type of criminal tax evasion or related charges, you need to contact our Canadian tax amnesty attorneys immediately.

Being Investigated by the CRA & Criminal Investigations

There’s no doubt that it can be very nerve wracking to handle a pending investigation by the CRA. Trying to manage this on your own quickly gets difficult and prompts a great deal of anxiety. It is essential that you have the appropriate legal support to protect your interests.

An investigation empowers the CRA to gather documents you have used to put together your returns in the past, and these employees are experienced professionals who move quickly in analyzing your supporting data for tax litigation.

If you are currently under investigation for any type of alleged tax issue, the best time to take action is now. You cannot afford to allow too much time to lapse or you could miss out on important opportunities to resolve your case and put this behind you.

Why You Need a Tax Prosecution Lawyer

You need to enlist the assistance of a Canadian tax amnesty law firm that has extensive experience in and knowledge of tax law. Furthermore, your Canadian tax amnesty attorney should also have experience in the field of criminal law; knowledge of both the criminal code and income tax act is essential.

You need an attorney who has the experience, track record and resources to take on such cases. Regardless of whether the investigation has just begun or has already been in process for some time, you need to have an attorney to guide you through it.

Without a tax prosecution lawyer at your side, you could be facing significant consequences and unnecessary penalties. Furthermore, you can submit more information that is considered inaccurate and can have many different communication challenges with the CRA. Make sure that you understand the process as well as the pending charges against you by retaining an experienced criminal charges attorney knowledgeable about taxes.


Can you go to jail for not paying taxes in Canada?

There is a lot of confusion about this topic. You cannot go to jail for not paying your tax liability. However you can certainly go to jail for tax evasion if you do not Declare All of your income or if you claim expenses or deductions to which you are not entitled.

What is tax Prosecution? How does it work?

CRA has the ability to prosecute for tax fraud or tax evasion with respect to income tax or GST/HST. The CRA has full investigative powers including the ability to execute a search warrant to seize documents and computers. Tax prosecution will result in a criminal tax trial and conviction will result in a fine and possible jail term.

Is my CPA liable for accountant malpractice that resulted in a tax prosecution?

If the CRA gets involved, an accountant who signed off on the falsified information can be held liable as the accountant. CPAs may also be considered criminally liable and/or negligent if they falsify financial records or accounts, whether it's with or without their client's knowledge.

How do situations of tax evasion result in prosecution?

Through prosecutions, the CRA protects the integrity of the tax and social policy systems it is statutorily responsible for. This program is usually a last resort, applied against those who violate their tax obligations, abuse social policy benefits, or practice tax evasion. Tax evasion occurs when an individual uses loopholes in the law to pay less taxes. Legally, tax evasion tactics are frowned upon by the legal system leading to prosecution.

How long does a tax prosecution usually last?

In this respect, it depends on the severity of the prosecution and the length of time the CRA seizes records from your accountant’s office, your work office, or your home office to support their case. However, there are limits to how far back the CRA can reassess a tax return (commonly known as the CRA statute of limitations). In general, the agency can go back and reassess a return for three years after the date on the initial Notice of Assessment.


"These articles provide information of a general nature only. It is only current at the posting date. It is not updated and it may no longer be current. It does not provide legal advice nor can it or should it be relied upon. All tax situations are specific to their facts and will differ from the situations in the articles. If you have specific legal questions you should consult a lawyer."

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